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Smooth Fitness™ Canada is one of the top online retailers of home fitness equipment. All of our machines come backed by our industry-leading warranties, FREE shipping, outstanding customer service and support, factory-direct pricing, and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We have always put our customers and their fitness needs first. This has not only enabled us to stay ahead of our competition, but it has also allowed us to widen the gap in a highly competitive industry and economic market. Smooth Fitness Canada has set the standard for other fitness companies to follow.

Smooth Fitness Canada offers exercise machines that include treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes and home gyms. Our fitness equipment is sold factory direct, so you, the customer, get convenience of shopping online along with phenomenal savings up to 60% on all Smooth Canada equipment for your home.


Smooth Fitness Canada offers treadmills that suit all people and all homes. Some of our models are standard non-folding treadmills you may find in a gym, while others are folding models are designed to save space in the home, office, or wherever you decide to use your treadmill. Our treadmills offer multiple features such as 2-speaker stereo music systems, one-touch incline and speed controls, and quiet motors.

Elliptical Trainers

Ellipticals offer the same effectiveness for working out, getting in shape and losing weight as treadmills do, and they offer a benefit that treadmills don't, a low-impact workout. Ellipticals can provide the answer for those who are a little older, have joint problems, simply don't like running.

An elliptical can provide safe exercising for a person who can't put a lot of weight or stress on their knees and feet. Some people face possible injury to their joints if too much strain is placed on them. These people need to be able to be physically active too but have to find ways of doing so without causing injury. An elliptical can help get you the physical activity you need by offering a stress-free, low-impact workout that won't harm the knees or feet from the excessive weight.

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